Business Internet Marketing – How it Differs From Consumer Marketing

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Business Internet marketing is different from consumer Internet marketing in that the messaging is targeted more towards the people making the decisions for the companies; those who are the key holders for the company. Although some companies utilize banner advertisements for their business Internet Marketing, most small businesses do other activities for their online marketing such as search engine optimization, writing articles, affiliate marketing, copy writing, and blogging.

Small business online marketing messages and activities are covering the Internet with almost as many messages being broadcast as there are consumer messages however most of the consumer messages are spread via banner advertisements, email, and social networking. Small business online marketing also includes doing such activities as Webinars where participants are allowed to log in to online conferences to listen to speeches and discussions so they can learn more about a company or a subject.

A common activity for business Internet marketing is search engine optimization, or natural search optimization. This includes writing copy for a web site that includes the key phrases which are common for their customers to search for. Having the copy focused on these key phrases gives them the position of authority on the search engines. With great rankings on search engines, businesses are able to attract the customers they are looking for at a much more cost effective rate than otherwise would be required.

Small business online marketing allows smaller businesses to compete with larger businesses on a more even playing field in attracting customers. They are able to advertise in ways that the larger companies do without having to spend a ton of money.